Who is Rah Figgy?

A Journey Through the Matrix

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Rah Figgy's life has been a testament to resilience and transformation. Growing up in Elmont, Long Island, Rah Figgy's early years were marked by constant movement, spending time in Denver and Queens, NY. His passion for music ignited at the tender age of six when he penned his first song. By ten, he had already ventured into the world of rap, crafting verses about experiences far beyond his years.

Rah Figgy's journey was anything but smooth. A troubled upbringing saw him frequently at odds with school authorities, his home environment, and other challenges. Reflecting on his past, Rah Figgy says, "I went through a tumultuous youth that eventually led to periods of homelessness, where I found myself sleeping on trains, apartment staircases, and cars." Despite these hardships, his spirit remained unbroken.

A pivotal moment in Rah Figgy's life came with the birth of his son. This life-changing event inspired him to turn his life around. Determined to provide a better future, he returned to school and pursued a career in teaching, hoping to inspire kids to choose a different path than the one he had once followed.

Throughout all these changes, music remained a constant companion. Rah Figgy continued to create and perform, collaborating with local artists and receiving warm receptions at open mic events. This undying passion for music led him to dive back into the industry full speed, using his teaching career to fund his musical ambitions.

Rah Figgy's dedication to his craft saw him participating in numerous song camps with the music group Creative Space, where he collaborated with talented artists, producers, and other music professionals. His journey back into the music scene has been marked by numerous performances, where his ability to engage with the crowd has set him apart.

Rah Figgy's talent transcends rap, blending elements of rock and R'n'B into a unique style he calls "rock'n'b." Now, he is ready to make his mark on the music world with his debut EP, "Matrix." With a blend of raw talent, lived experience, and a drive to succeed, Rah Figgy's story is one of perseverance, transformation, and the unyielding power of music. Keep an eye out for this rising artist as he continues to navigate his path through the Matrix.